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How it Works

the cloud connected pet ID tag

  • 1. Pet lost

    Search is on

    Your pet has gone missing. Mark pet as lost on pettouchid.com pet profile.

  • 2. Pet Found

    Someone comes across your pet

    Finder uses phone to scan, tap or visit website on the pet tag. They can view online cloud pet profile with owner contact info.

    Demo Profile

  • 3. GPS

    Scanned GPS location recorded

    When the tag is scanned or tapped, the scan date/time is recorded. GPS co-ordinates are uploaded to your pet profile in the cloud.

  • 4. Notify

    Owner is contacted

    Owner is contacted by finder.

    Automatic alert notifications sent out via email or owner can receive SMS detailing GPS map location of pet when scanned.

  • 5. Reunited

    Owner is reunited with their pet

    • No costly Vet visit by finder or owner
    • No shelter holding/fees
    • Your pet back home faster

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Pet Touch ID contactless cloud service

Smart connected Pet ID tag, the modern way to succeed in finding your lost pet sooner.

Online pet Profile

Personal webpage with pet profile details, all securely stored in the cloud

Scanned GPS Location

When pet tag ID scanned, GPS location is recorded with date and time.

Custom Privacy

Privacy is important. You have full control and flexibility in choosing what information you are comfortable in sharing.

Instant access to pet owner

Finder uses phone to access pet owner details, no visits to Vet for chip scanning.

Automatic Notify Alerts

Notifications automatically sent out via email or SMS, showing GPS location of tag scanned.

Unlimited Pet Information

Detail important Health information, Registration, pet behaviour and your vet or providers details.

Report Pet Lost

Mark your pet profile as lost, add additional contact details, put a reward and Print/Send lost posters.

No Subscription Costs

Purchase a tag to benefit from the above FREE features.


Pet Touch ID Smart Tags vs traditional Tags and Chips

Pet TouchID Tags

  • On Demand Access
  • Scanned GPS Location
  • Online Pet Profile
  • Modify Contacts
  • Auto Email Notify
  • SMS Notify
  • No Vet Visit
  • Visible Tag
  • Health Record
  • No Subscription Costs
  • Store More Pet Info
  • Cost
    $15 / £11 or less

Basic Tags

  • On Demand Access
  • Scanned GPS Location
  • Online Pet Profile
  • Modify Contacts
  • Auto Email Notify
  • SMS Notify
  • No Vet Visit
  • Visible Tag
  • Health Record
  • Subscription Costs
  • Store More Pet Info
  • Cost
    $20 / £15 or less


  • On Demand Access
  • Scanned GPS Location
  • Online Pet Profile
  • Modify Contacts
  • Auto Email Notify
  • SMS Notify
  • No Vet Visit
  • Visible Tag
  • Health Record
  • Subscription Costs
  • Store More Pet Info
  • Cost
    more than $25 / £18

Disadvantages of Regular Tags

  • Contact details limited due to restricted space on tag
  • Cannot change contact details, new tag purchase required
  • No additional information can be added
  • Only one method of communication to contact pet owner
  • Etched tags can be difficult to read and may fade over time

Why not just Micro-Chip?

  • Pet Touch ID tags are a first line of defence
  • Easy access to owner with Pet Touch ID tags
  • Embedded RFID microchip is second line of defence
  • Microchip identifies a stolen pet
  • A found pet will still need to be taken to a vet for identification


Frequently asked questions and Basic Support

Pet Touch ID Basics

Pet Touch ID tags are unique in that you have many ways to identify the pet and owner. If the user doesn't have a smartphone they can browse the website on the tag via a tablet/computer. You can also SMS or Call our hotline number, linked with the pet profile.

You can use the tags anywhere Internationally. Currently the Pet Portal is only available in English. The aim is to be multi-lingual supported in the future.

NFC is a contactless technology built into most mobile devices. This is the next generation of being able to interact with physical objects. Near Field Communication (NFC) is more convenient to access digital content through your device with a simple touch.

A QR (Quick Response) Code is a readable barcode by portable devices. QR Codes are a popular standard for fast reliable readability and greater storage capacity than standard barcodes. The Pet Touch ID QR Codes give a direct link to the owners Pet Profile.

Scanning QR codes can be performed by any smartphone with a QR reader app installed.

List of Free QR Code App Readers

Apple Phone (go to app store)

  • QR Code Reader
  • Quick Scan - QR Code Reader
  • Neo Reader

Android Google Phone (go to google play store app)

  • QR Droid
  • Neo Reader
  • i-nigma QR Scanner

Windows Phone (go to Store app)

  • Built in. Go to Camera, Lens, Bing Vision
  • QR for Cortana (newer 8.1 and windows10 phones )
  • QR Code Reader

The Pet Touch ID Tags are designed for durability. We have different versions of tags - strong Epoxy, moulded Zinc Alloy surround with Epoxy center and Hard matt PVC tags.

There is a dedicated website portal for maintaining your pet details. https //portal.pettouchid.com

Pet Touch ID platform runs on a secured cloud platform. All owner, pet and registration information is encrypted when transmitted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). All sensitive data stored is also encrypted.

Privacy is highly important, with Pet Touch ID the owner can control the information they wish to make available to the public via the Pet Public Webpage only. The owner can change these privacy settings anytime.

Owners can chose what information they are comfortable in sharing with the public from the Pet Public Webpage only. All other access to your information can only be done by the registered owner.

Owners have full privacy control over all Pet data. You select what you want to be visible and it is common to expose more information on demand when a pet has gone missing. Following Privacy settings are:

  • Owner Name
  • Owners Address
  • Owners contact numbers
  • Pet Name
  • Pet Medical History
  • Pet Behaviour
  • Pet Personal information - age/breed/color/spayed or neutered
  • Vet Information

The service is free. You have access to change any information 24/7 via the Pet Touch ID Portal.

No app is required. The need to install an app is seen as a barrier to access the Pet information easily.

You can access the portal on any device by opening your preferred browser and navigating to https //portal.pettouchid.com or scan/nfc tap the tag.

There are no subscription costs. Purchase a Tag ID and receive free access to this online service at no additional cost.

Support Questions

Registration and Tag Activation is a simple 3 step process -

  • 1. Register account via https //portal.pettouchid.com (username and password)
  • 2. Enter owners information (Name, Address and Phone)
  • 3. Activate Tag, using the activation code on the tag and enter Pet Profile infomation.

Thats it! Attach Tag to collar and you are all set.

You can register your account and Owner information. Once you receive your tag you can complete the last step which is to activate the tag.

In the portal Summary, there is an option to 'Activate Another Tag'. This will take you through the tag activation process you went through the first time.

Once complete, you will now see 2 pets and their summary detailed in the Pet Touch ID Portal.

This feature is currently under development. The alternative is to activate another tag under the same registration and duplicate the pet information.

We will shortly have a Service Status page. Until then you can always test periodically and scan your pet ID tag to ensure you receive an email notification and GPS location.

  • Login to https //portal.pettouchid.com
  • In the summary page, navigate to the pet you want to edit
  • In the 'My Name is [petname]' box select the 'Edit My Details' button
  • Pet Profile page launched and you can change all Pet Details and Privacy settings

Privacy settings are split between Owner and Pets.

  • Login to https //portal.pettouchid.com
  • In the summary page, under "Pet Summary" section, select 'Owner & Pet Profiles View'
  • Owner changes: Select the 'Owner Details' Tab on the left and select orange 'Edit' button
  • Pet changes: Select the 'Pets' Tab on the left and select orange 'Edit' button
  • Privacy settings are the checkboxes (checked means it will allow public access to that data)

This is referred to as the Public Pet Webpage. You can access this page through multitude ways:

  • Scan/NFC Tap the Pet Touch ID Tag with your phone
  • Open the website URL on the tag in a browser from any device or computer.

If you want to send the Pet Page to someone, send them the same (full) URL that is displayed on the PetID Tag

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